Time for a conversation about time

Tomorrow, I’ll be in Bath!

Time in work versus time with children – social gradients and consequences for families and the economy

Date: Thursday 20th June

Time: 14:15-17:05

Room: 3E3.11

Drinks reception: 17:05-18:30, 3E2.20

Over the final quarter of the last century and through to today there have been large changes to labour market and family structures on both sides of the Atlantic. Increasingly women – and, much more so than previously, women who have children – are making up a greater proportion of the labour force. This has led to changed roles, not only in the market economy but also within households, as both parents manage their commitments in work and in the home. How households – particularly households with children – balance the competing demands on their time has consequences for the productivity of the economy and also the stability of unions and the production of human capital in the next generation. This workshop brings academics together to examine these issues and the role policy has to play in this domain.


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