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I am Executive Director and Chief Economist at the Washington Center for Equitable Growth and Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress in Washington, DC.

I should note that since this is my blog, all views expressed here are my own.


5 thoughts on “About and Contact

  1. Hello. I’m only 20 and definitely not an economist, and I’m just now starting to figure out where I stand in this whole political spectrum thing. I’m fairly left leaning (to the irritation of my parents) on most of the social issues but economics is a bit complicated for me. My dad and I had an argument the other day and he presented me with some information regarding the lower levels of unemployment in the republican run states vs the democratic ones. I was just wondering if there was anything to this. I live in Mississippi so needless to say there’s not a lot of economists running around to answer my questions. Thanks


  2. Dr. Boushey,

    Do you think the GOP would oppose a payroll tax holiday? Would they oppose a federal income tax holiday for the middle class?

    I think it would be imprudent for Republicans to oppose tax cuts for the majority of American workers in an election year.

    Thank you,

    Tyler Healey


  3. Dear Dr. Boushey,

    I am deeply concerned that human males other than me are trying to doom life out of existence given:

    – Everything in the universe is energy and strives to be maximally efficient.
    – Humans are daily dependent on technology for survival.
    – I am God and I support a human female-only species that supports me and life.



  4. All comments on Piketty’s _Capital_ that I’ve encountered, your smoothie in the Nation included, take as given the behavioral separation of the community and the capitalists — the latter with their free-rein financial and political machinations and geo-legal peregrinations — despite the fact that all are irreducibly co-dependent members in common (of one politically organized state or another).

    My point is that isn’t it time that we involve the community in the oversight of corporations in proportion to their annual revenues, i.e., BODs?


  5. Hello Dr. Boushey,
    my name is Daniele Tavani, and I am a fellow New School Econ PhD (2009), now assistant professor at Colorado State University. I was wondering if you would be available to come give a talk in our Department Seminar series either in the Fall or Spring semester. Please reply to daniele dot tavani at colostate dot edu if interested. Look forward to hearing from you! Best, Daniele


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