The state of innovation is that states drive innovation

I went to an interesting talk this week by Mariana Mazzucato at the Institute for Public Policy Research in London. In her new book, The Entrepreneurial State: Debunking Public vs. Private Myths, Mariana makes the argument that states shape markets. States drive innovation through their investments in basic research and new ideas. At her talk at IPPR, she […]

Time for a conversation about time

Tomorrow, I’ll be in Bath! Time in work versus time with children – social gradients and consequences for families and the economy Date: Thursday 20th June Time: 14:15-17:05 Room: 3E3.11 Drinks reception: 17:05-18:30, 3E2.20 Introduction:  Over the final quarter of the last century and through to today there have been large changes to labour market and family structures on […]

San Francisco is considering an innovative new policy to help employees with scheduling woes

San Francisco is considering a new kind of family-friendly workplace policy: Earlier this week, Board of Supervisors President David Chiu introduced a ballot measure that would give employees the right to request a flexible schedule. The right-to-request law would not mandate that employers provide all workers with the schedules they desire, but it would require that employers […]