Fixing feminism means thinking about the economy

On Sunday, “Finding Time” got a nice shout-out in the New York Times by opinion writer Judith Shulevitz in her thought-provoking column “How to Fix Feminism,” that I wanted to share: IN an important new book, “Finding Time,” the economist Heather Boushey argues that the failure of government and businesses to replace the services provided […]

Testimony for the Democratic Platform Committee

On Thursday, I had the honor of testifying for the Democratic Platform Committee. Here’s what I said policymakers need to consider as they think about economic policy-making: “As I look at the economic evidence—which is what my organization, the Washington Center for Equitable Growth does every day—it’s clear, that the defining economic problem of our […]

Paid family leave insurance not a burden on business, new study finds @councilofdc @ChmnMendelson

“Our results suggest that laws like Rhode Island’s [Temporary Caregiver Insurance] may not have significant impacts on small and medium-sized employers and could garner support by such employers once they have experienced them.” This is according to Columbia Business School professor Ann Bartel, economists Maya Rossin-Slater (UCSB) and Christopher Ruhm (U.Va.) and Columbia social work […]