For your reading pleasure: CAP’s plan to grow the economy from the middle out

Today CAP released a big, bold report, 300 Million Engines of Growth, edited by Jennifer Erickson and Michael Ettlinger. Jim Tankersley writes about it in today’s Washington Post: The core of the plan is the notion that economies grow and thrive best when prosperity is broadly shared — a rebuke of the income and wealth […]

The middle-out moment is now

There’s a growing body of evidence that the economy grows from the middle out. I had the privilege of contributing to a new issue of Democracy, which lays these ideas out. From the editorial: At first blush, the claim that politicians need to take the needs of the middle class more seriously might seem like pushing […]

Inequality and Its Perils

I just stumbled across this piece by Jonathan Rauch at Inequality and Its Perils. He points to evidence that we’ve been digging into at CAP about the relationship between inequality and growth. What I thought was especially interesting is the growing sense that this is a new field of inquiry in economics: “The debate for […]