Always-low wages aren’t always competitive

Some local leaders are using Walmart’s move to close 154 of its U.S. stores as an opportunity to focus on driving down benefits for workers, instead of focusing on the failure of the retailer’s business model and its management. Cross posted from the Equitable Growth website: Always-low wages aren’t always competitive

What candidates miss on women’s wage slowdown

Posted on yesterday: “As the primary season heats up, there has been fierce debate around what some pundits call the “great wage slowdown of the 21st century.” Today’s workers — men and women alike — are laboring longer and are better educated than ever. Yet their paychecks have stayed the same or even declined. […]

Just a few more months until my book, “Finding Time,” about the economics of work-life conflict, arrives

I have some news that I’m excited to share: My book will be in the Harvard University Press Spring 2016 catalog. Here’s the jacket blurb: Finding Time The Economics of Work-Life Conflict Heather Boushey Employers today are demanding more and more of employees’ time. And from campaign barbecues to the blogosphere, workers across the United […]