What candidates miss on women’s wage slowdown

Posted on CNN.com yesterday:

“As the primary season heats up, there has been fierce debate around what some pundits call the “great wage slowdown of the 21st century.” Today’s workers — men and women alike — are laboring longer and are better educated than ever. Yet their paychecks have stayed the same or even declined. … Wage stagnation is a problem that goes back decades. Addressing it means addressing deep and longstanding structural changes in the economy.

… It is good to see the persistent wage stagnation enter into the mainstream debate, but actually addressing it requires a wider lens that goes far beyond a single statistic or political debate. We must confront not only the slowdown in wages for women, but also the sacrifices required by the speedup in working hours. Doing so could help families, and the overall economy”

Full article here.


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